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Our story - who we are and how we got here. About Balanced Wheel

The Balanced Wheel Story

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We know that the death of a loved one is inevitable. Those who have lost a loved one deserve to heal, rebalance and rebuild their lives.

At Balanced Wheel, we give people who have lost loved ones and are grieving everything we have to help them pick up the broken pieces and rebuild their lives.

Our focus is on supporting people through information, listening, and support to find new meaning in life after a loss.

About Balanced Wheel

Our Founding

Tolulope Olajide founded Balanced Wheel on 30th September 2020, six months after the sudden death of his best friend and wife, Chidinma. Tolu’s life changed when he suddenly found himself as a widower and the primary caregiver of a 4-month-old and a 2-year-old.

Tolu started Balanced Wheel out of his grief, loss, and attempts to re-adjust to life after the loss of his loved one originally to share:

  • Updates with families and friends who were unable to visit because of the global Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • his candid grief experience, how he was coping and dealing with the death of his loved one, and how he was navigating his new journey/living with loss as a widowed parent of two dependent children.

Due to the dedication of Tolu in ensuring that Balanced Wheel remains as a legacy in honour of his late wife, Chidinma, as well as the generous support of friends and family, Balanced Wheel has entered the next phase.

In February 2021, Balanced Wheel became a registered charity in the UK and Wales to provide support and resources to people who have lost loved ones and are grieving so they can pick up the remaining broken pieces and rebuild their lives.

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Our Journey so far

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How did we arrive at the name Balanced Wheel?

Throughout centuries, the metaphor of a wheel to represent life has been consistently used. As a symbol, the wheel represents the meaning of the circle as wholeness.

We live at the rim of the wheel, at the periphery of our daily lives. The spokes of one’s life consist of emotional, financial, environmental, intellectual, occupational, social, physical and spiritual dimensions which are connected to the centre hub.

Our wheels can become misaligned while traveling on the road of life due to the bumps (minor and major adversities) along the way

While the dynamics of life dictate daily adjustments, major life events, such as the loss of a loved one can knock life completely off balance, especially for the bereaved and their social network. This can have a long-lasting negative impact on the bereaved’s wellbeing and quality of life.

A wheel that is out of balance will become wobbly, which is dangerous and will probably crash.

We want to help those bereaved heal, pick up the broken pieces, rebalance their wheel, and rebuild their lives so that they can find joy in life again. 

This is why we have taken up the challenge to help those who have experienced grief and loss by helping them improve their quality of life in a balanced and thoughtful way.

bereavement support allowance form
bereavement support allowance form
2 About us - Who we are and How we got here

What we do How we can help

Balanced Wheel exists to simplify the journey from early grief response to the loss of a loved one to find new meaning in life. We come alongside and support the bereaved find a new balanced state of well-being.