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Emotions of Grief and Loss​

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Emotions of Grief and Loss

You experience many different emotions and thoughts when you are grieving. You should explore any feelings you have as you grieve, as you need to find ways to express them in a healthy way. 

Instead of denying your feelings or feeling victimised by them, we want to teach you about them and how to recognize and handle them.

As you hear the lived experiences of someone who has experienced grief, or who is supporting a bereaved family member or friend, you will learn how you too can become friendly with the feelings that will allow you to begin the healing process.

How We Can Help

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Grief Support Group


Losing a loved one is a painful experience. Support is available from Balanced Wheel if you have lost someone close to you. Sharing your experience of grief with people on a similar journey can be more helpful than trying to cope alone. No one should grieve alone


No of group support sessions: 10 sessions
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Information & Advice

Balanced Wheel Information & Advice

Balanced Wheel provides advice, guidance, and bereavement support through carefully curated and created content to those who are grieving, as well as to those who are supporting the grieving, such as the social support network of the bereaved family and friends.

Balanced Wheel Information & Advice

We offer guides on a range of topics, such as handling deaths, what to do when someone dies, planning funerals, supporting bereaved individuals, and managing loss anniversaries, as well as grief survival guides.
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