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We offer a wide range of resources and information to assist bereaved individuals and their support networks with grief and loss

Grief, loss, and bereavement are difficult to deal with. We underestimate the impact of grief, leaving us with the question of what is ‘normal’ and what we can do to cope with it. Loss can seem insurmountable, especially at the beginning of a grieving process.

Anyone who has experienced grief can attest to the difficulty of dealing with it. Support during your grieving period makes the seemingly insurmountable pain a bit more bearable.

This page provides a variety of information about loss and grief. These resources are designed to help you through grief, or to support someone who has been bereaved.

Find out what to do and discover resources to help you cope.

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When someone dies

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Balanced Wheel Blog

Grief often makes us feel like we are alone. There’s something comforting in reading about other people’s grief journeys of life after loss as they highlight lessons learned, their struggles, how they’ve learned to deal and cope with their grief and loss.​

Life after loss - Personal Stories

Stories are a powerful learning tool. Each story is unique and powerful. Every story about the loss of a loved one is important. We have also included stories from those supporting someone grieving.
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Grief Support Group


Losing a loved one is a painful experience. Support is available from Balanced Wheel if you have lost someone close to you. Sharing your experience of grief with people on a similar journey can be more helpful than trying to cope alone. No one should grieve alone


No of group support sessions: 10 sessions
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