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Get Support Learn how Balanced Wheel helps bereaved individuals regain their balance after a loss.

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Bereavement Support Service

No one should grieve alone

We strive to provide people with information, listening, emotional and practical support after the loss of a loved one. We at Balanced Wheel support the bereaved in their journey towards finding a new balanced state of well-being.


The Informational Bereavement support service offers persoanl life after loss stories, articles, guides, and frequently asked questions that help walk you through the entire grieving process of what to do when someone dies, how to handle loss in the early stages, how to cope with grief and how to adjust to life after a loss.


Our goal is to help those who have experienced bereavement or who are supporting them as a family member, friend, or professional, gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to grieve.


In addition to supporting grieving individuals, we also support those who are supporting their grieving friends, family members and perhaps even organisations that may be affected by a loss.


Get Support Support for Bereaved Individuals

Blog - Life After Loss Personal Stories

Grief often makes us feel like we are alone. There’s something comforting in reading about other people’s grief journeys of life after loss as they highlight lessons learned, their struggles, how they’ve learned to deal and cope with their grief and loss.​

Resource - Coping with Grief Articles and Guides

When someone we love dies, we are often overwhelmed with feelings and emotions. Balanced Wheel provides a range of information and support to those experiencing grief, loss, and bereavement, where to go for support, and how to cope with grief for you and your social support network.

Bereavement Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups and ad-hoc grief support for bereaved adults and for those grieving the loss of their loved one.

Get Support Support for The Bereaved's Social Network

Giving you the support you need so that you can offer your grieving friend or family member the support they deserve.

You play an important role

Can you imagine the difference it would make if all bereaved individuals received the support they needed from their social network?


Families, relatives, and friends make up the informal social network of the bereaved. In many cases, they ignore their own grief when providing bereaved family or friends with the needed support.


Their grief is also triggered by the loss of a loved one. In many cases, they ignore their own grief when providing bereaved family or friends with the needed support.


Family and friends are often in a state of confusion regarding what to say or not say to the bereaved, which unintentionally leads some to avoid the grievers.


Therefore, your bereaved loved one may receive some support, but not as much as they need or may not receive the support they would have liked and could not ask for more assistance, or they did not receive the support they would have liked and did not ask for assistance.


A number of studies have concluded that bereaved individuals who don't receive enough support suffer worsening physical, financial, emotional, and mental health.


As we strengthen community capacity around death, dying and bereavement, the bereaved's informal social network will be equipped with the skills and confidence to support their loved ones.


We have designed number of growing initiatives to raise awareness of grief, grief reactions, as well as to improve community capacity to provide timely and appropriate bereavement care.

Information, advice & Support

Resources and advice for the network of friends and family members supporting a grieving friend or relative.

Community Capacity Building

As part of our grief training and education program, we help faith group leaders, their leadership teams, and members to become more grief-sensitive and sympathetic, so they can provide better support to those who have experienced loss.

We provide general bereavement in the faith community, bereavement and cultural awareness, or tailor-made training based on the identified needs of your community.

Every bereaved individual deserves support to heal, rebalance and rebuild their lives.

However, we cannot do it without your help.

Get Support Managing Grief in the Workplace

Workplaces can play a significant role in supporting employees through their grief

No employee should suffer in silence

People who work closely together are like extended families, and when a co-worker dies or loses a loved one, those who knew the person are also likely to grieve. Due to this, employees often suffer in silence, which negatively affects both them and their employers.


Grief can have a great impact on the workplace because it can affect the ability of employees to function. Those who have lost a loved one are more likely to be absent, and when they are present they may be fatigued, indecisive, and have difficulty concentrating.


Bereavement's impact doesn't only affect the individual, but also ripples out across the economy. According to studies, two million of the ten million employees who experienced a bereavement in 2020 experienced intense grief.


Based on the number of deaths in the UK each year, and employment rates, bereavement causes roughly 2 million working people to experience grief intensely each year, alongside those grieving from a bereavement from a previous year.


According to the Sue Ryder report, bereavement at work costs the UK economy nearly £23 billion a year and impacts public finances by around £8 billion a year, although those costs could be as high as £49 billion and £18 billion respectively.


Most of the economic costs are due to lost productivity in the workplace (presenteeism), rather than due to time away from work.


Workplaces can play a significant role in supporting employees through their grief and minimizing its effects.


When grieving, employees may take different paths, but employers can take steps to support bereaved employees in a variety of ways to ensure that their organisation is grief sensitive and supportive.

Supporting Bereaved Employees/ Colleagues

We offer a range of training and education services including bereavement training and education, customer-facing role training, bereavement, and cultural sensitivity training, or specialised training tailored to your business needs.

Grief in the Workplace

Provide support and training for HR, Supervisors, and Line Managers, which includes bereavement policy training, bereavement and cultural sensitivity training, and equipping your customer facing roles accordingly.

Consultancy Services

You can get expert help for supporting bereaved colleagues, customers, and clients in your workplace.

We offer a broad range of support to organisations. Among other things, this includes bereavement impact assessments on your triple bottom line, creating a bereavement strategy for your organization, reviewing or implementing systems, structures, and processes to better serve your stakeholders.

Other resources & support for those bereaved

Other resources & support for those bereaved


Here you will find information on other organizations and services that can help someone grieving the death of a loved one.