When someone dies

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What Needs to be Done When Someone Dies?

Death is very painful but inevitable! Perhaps you have found yourself here due to the death of a loved one, death of a spouse, husband or wife – perhaps it is agonizing? You feel numb? 

It was unexpected? Perhaps you’ve been told a loved one does not have too long to live and are here to mentally prepare yourself and see what lies ahead.

The passing of a loved one can leave us with a burden of emotions especially as you deal with the aftermath of death.

There are many questions – what do I do next? Who do I contact? What support is available for me? 

With the knowledge that we have picked up along our journeys we are here to make the process as seamless and clear as possible.

This in-depth guide of what needs to be done when someone dies will cover a step by step process of the ins and outs of what to do after someone dies before arranging the funeral.

The process will include how to get a medical certificate, register the death, what to do if your loved one died abroad, who to notify after the death as well as information about organ donation.

Where the person died and the processes that follow

Body repatriation

Registering the death of your loved one

Who to notify after a death? 

Organ donation after a death

Where the Person Died and the Processes that Follow

Body Repatriation

Registering the Death of Your Loved One

Who to Notify After a Death? 

Organ Donation 

In Conclusion

Next Step: Funeral Planning

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